Personal Excellence Expert

Why Anne Barab?

  • You want a leading expert on personal excellence who will teach self-management tools to help people improve their adaptability skills.
  • Your audience needs to learn how positivity in the workplace creates more effective leadership strategies to improve teamwork, productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.
  • You want a fun, invigorating and engaging presentation with a strong call to action to improve individual and team performance.

Happiness vs. Joy {Audience of 2,000}


“Jacksonville ISD absolutely loved Anne Barab as the Convocation speaker for 2017-18!  She was inspirational, funny, professional, and left an upbeat message to implement as we begin a new school year.  Many staff members have commented on how much they enjoyed her message.  I highly recommend Anne Barab for any district as a motivational speaker or for staff development.   We hope to have her in Jacksonville again!”

-Grace Traylor, PR Director Jacksonville ISD