Personal Excellence Expert

What does Anne do? 

I teach about how to achieve Personal Excellence in your life, targeted especially for women. I speak at big conventions and corporations, and I also do some personal coaching. What my clients say is that I help them:

>> Look at life with a new perspective

>> Reframe their personal issues in a positive way to get over their stuff AND

>> Improve both their personal and professional life mastery.

I teach by laughing about humorous stories that illustrate a life lesson, and then I give people an actionable behavior change tool. Theory is great, but people can only change by inches. These tools help them learn to think and act in more productive ways on their path to great success.

The life lessons are mainly taken from my own life:

>> From being married to the same guy for nearly half a century

>> To raising 3 successful children

>> To being the COO of a $1.5 billion bank

>> To serving my community as an elected official, I’ve been blessed with pretty wide ranging life experiences.

In fact, I’ve even written a humorous self-help book, The Sooner You Laugh the Faster You Heal, that pokes fun at some of the unrealistic expectations we all have that are the root cause of a lot of anger and unhappiness. I know all about these silly assumptions because it’s taken me a long time to figure this out.

My mission is to help people shorten their learning curve so they can live happier, healthier lives, full of excellence, success and joy.