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Anne Barab is a personal excellence expert who helps people and companies adapt to change in a positive and productive way. If you think the key to happiness is achieving success, as many people do, then you’ve got it backwards.  Positivity breeds happiness and happiness breeds personal success.

Her best-selling book The Sooner You Laugh The Faster You Heal: How to Challenge the Assumptions that Ruin Your Life is a humorous look at how people create their own dissatisfaction and unhappiness with absurd expectations about how the world “ought to be.” A compelling motivational speaker, she confronts audiences with the truth of how to retrain your brain in order to move into the future with success and optimism.

Anne has walked her personal excellence talk. She’s the former Chief Operating Officer of a $1.5 billion mortgage bank, a recovering politician and a cancer thriver. She’s been married to the same engineer for 43 years and raised three tax-paying adult children who have produced five of the cutest grandchildren in the history of the universe. But her greatest claim to fame is being voted Best-Smelling Mom by her son’s first grade class.

She’s been spreading the positive psychology good news to Fortune 500 companies, associations and nonprofits worldwide for nearly twenty years. If you need to learn that individual behavior matters, and how positive and negative beliefs impact engagement and performance, then you need Anne Barab.


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