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I Had a Life Plan but the Magnet Fell Off the Fridge {Personal Success}

Living a life of excellence requires more than just a cute slogan on a magnet stuck to your refrigerator. Behavioral research proves that an optimistic mindset is the single most important factor to creating health, wealth and happiness. In this session you will learn three easy-to-apply techniques to retrain your brain to think positively. Want to change your life? This is the session you've been waiting for.

The Sooner You Laugh the Faster You Heal {Personal Excellence}

Every day we make assumptions about relationships, work, and health.  These unexamined expectations are the culprits responsible for creating most of our unhappiness and disappointments.  The sooner we unmask and laugh at these unrealistic beliefs, the faster we unlock the doorway to personal and professional excellence.

Happy Teams = Healthy Profits {Teamwork}

Happy teams increase profitability. Are your team skills in need of a fixer-upper? By mastering the five key behaviors of high performance teams, you can dramatically increase productivity and profits. It all begins with each member taking personal responsibility for their own teamwork performance.

Help! My Leadership Reality Check Bounced! {Leadership}

The spirit in which we lead determines the outcome. Negative mindset generally leads to negative results. People want to follow positive leaders. Positive, reality-based thinking is a skill that creates constructive and supportive leadership behaviors. Transform your group dynamics with enduring leadership performance improvements.

I Can't Hear You Over the Sound of My Own Voice {Communication}

Listening is the most important communication skill in nurturing any relationship. Mastering the art of listening for the speaker's greatest need is the key to successful sales, customer service, and teamwork. It even improves relationships with spouses and teenagers! Learn how to listen with your heart.

You Can't Make Me Change Anything but My Underwear! {Change/Stress}

A positive state of mind is the best natural resource to combat the pressures of constant change and accelerating competition. Resistance and fear stifle productivity and cooperation in the workplace. Optimistic thinking is the currency that produces quality sales, superior customer service, enhanced creativity and flexible teamwork. Give yourself and your team the lifelong gift of learning how to think positively.


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