The MORE Myth

Imagine you are composing your Wish List for Life. What would be on it? Happy marriage? Great children? Fulfilling work? Dream house? Fabulous travel? Lots of stuff?

King Solomon of the Old Testament was the wisest and wealthiest man in human history. Yet he pinned an entire book in the Bible, named Ecclesiastes, in which he lamented the futility of ever having ENOUGH.

He focused on what he perceived to be the seven elements of life:

  • Wisdom
  • Pleasure
  • Comfort
  • Work
  • Beauty
  • Money and
  • Faith

He concluded that MORE of these things doesn’t satisfy. For example, did the stuff in the gifts you received during the holidays make you happy? Maybe momentarily, but they are ancient history today. You’re still busy acquiring even more stuff.

He described this endless quest as “chasing after the wind…”

He mused that putting all your energy into work will lead to weariness. That there is “nothing new under the sun.”

Scholastic growth is getting information into your head. Wisdom is how your use that knowledge. Knowledge can lead to great pain, sorrow and folly. Ultimately, both the wise and the foolish will die.

Sounds like Solomon was a tired old man who needed a major attitude adjustment. But wait, there was one last MORE.

He finally concluded that lasting satisfaction can only be found in God.

When our son Mandala, the child formerly known as Jeff, was leaving to go live in a Zen monastery in Sonoma Valley, CA for two years I asked him “why?” “Because,” he replied, “I’m searching for the face of God.”

Like Solomon and Mandala, I have found that searching for God fills my life with purpose, significance and joy.

If you hate your life then maybe you’re pursuing the MORE Myth.

Till next time…

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