Inside Out

The brilliant Pixar movie Inside Out scientifically proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we all hear voices in our heads.

What a relief to learn you’re crazy just like me.

Over the years, I’ve allowed Anger, Fear and Disgust to say some pretty nasty, derogatory and harmful things to me. Sadness told me they were just being realistic because I truly was an incompetent and a loser. I think they gagged Joy with duct tape most of the time.

As a result, I dwelt primarily on the yucky island of Low Self-Esteem.

This movie came so highly recommended that my Beloved and I actually went to see it in a (drum roll, please) real live theatre. Boy, movie theatres have changed since last we ventured inside one. They’ve replaced the high-school auditorium chairs with leather Barcoloungers suitable for kicking back and unbuttoning your pants just like home. These seats were FABULOUS!

Accompanying us were some of our kids and grandkids. Two-year-old Caden and I climbed up onto one of those leather cradles and cuddled up to watch his first ever in-theatre movie. He was mesmerized — and so was I.

That’s the great thing about Pixar movies, they’re a visual feast for the kiddies while deeper meanings go sailing over their heads.

So did the deeper meanings in this movie go sailing over your head, too?

I got to wondering which emotion is the CEO of my internal corporation, like Joy was the big kahuna of main character Riley’s being.

Of course, I’d like to think it was the ever optimistic Joy, but to be honest, Fear had the upper hand in me as a teenager and young adult, leading to some pretty stupid choices. Just like Riley deciding to run away from her new home in San Francisco to the comfort of “the way things used to be,” I think a lot of us let Fear take advantage of us.

Anger took over the controls in my thirties and early forties, craftily guiding me into a major meltdown of mythic proportions. Some people called it a mid-life crisis.

Anger was displaced by Disgust and let me tell you, Disgust is HARSH and unforgiving. The island of “There’s Two Ways to Be — My Way and the Wrong Way” is an lonely and cruel land indeed.

Sadness grabbed the wheel for a couple of years and nearly sank the boat.

But here’s the deal, once I figured out the forgiveness thing Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness willingly stepped aside and let Joy take over. What a blessing! I am never letting those guys oust Joy and steer my ship into the shoals again.

Go see the movie Inside Out. Because it makes emotions visual, it gives people (especially children) a touchstone to understanding what’s going on inside. Plus, it will grow your Emotional Intelligence, if you let it.

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