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So People Will Listen

Presentation literacy is not just for the special few.  The miracles of the Internet and online video have changed the world's communication infrastructure forever.  Now your message can be shared with millions.

The ability to present your ideas CLEARLY while making them RELEVANT and INSPIRING is the skill currency of the future.

A speech is not a performance; it's just a conversation with your audience. Sometimes the audience is one person (like your spouse, your child or your boss.)  Sometimes your audience is larger.

By understanding:

  1. What you want to communicate
  2. How your audience needs to hear it, and
  3. What action you want them to take as a result of your conversation,

You will be able to inspire and transform those around you (even teenagers.)  This book is for people who want to be more successful both personally and professionally.  If this is for you, then BUY THIS BOOK!

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The Sooner You Laugh the Faster You Heal

How to Challenge Assumptions that Ruin Your Life

Problem: Most people create their own unhappiness with absurd assumptions about how things “ought to be.”

Solution: The solution is to pull these crazy notions out of the cobwebs of your unconscious mind, hold them up to the light of day and have a good laugh about how silly they are.

Value: The result is more original thought, success, and joy in life. Laughter (especially at yourself) makes life richer!

When things are tough, we respond in one of three ways:

  • Change the situation
  • Change nothing
  • Change yourself

This book is about changing yourself. It's the unconscious junk in your head that creates your problems. We'll illuminate some of these assumptions, laugh at their absurdity, readjust your mindset and heal what hurts.

If you're ready to laugh about the unconscious assumptions that keep you painfully paralyzed, then BUY THIS BOOK, start laughing at yourself and let the healing begin.

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