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The Sooner You Laugh: BOOK REVIEWS

A fun read. After reading it I just felt better equipped to face the world. It's a few laughs a page and a few lessons a minute.

Suzanne Evans
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Anne Barab is smart, funny, and has a way with words. On the page and on the stage, she delivers! She says she kept her spouse around for one reason - 'He makes me laugh.' You'll keep Anne and this book around too. She makes you laugh and she makes you think.

Kelly Epperson
Birth That Book, Joyful Living Insitute

Your book is a gem. It made me sparkle inside. You are straightforward in your presentation of each chapter. The chapter titles tickle me. The content is clear, simple, and practical, which appeals to my interests when it comes to humor.  Many people will be blessed with your gifts.

Norma Guerrant

"They don't know what I have. It's a condition. But after laughing through Anne's book -- I'm HEALED!"

Rose-Mary Rumbley
Humorist, Speaker

A very good book from one of my favorite speakers.  Anne Barab shares her personal
experience and story.  She has summarizes each chapter with tips to make your life happier and enjoy the journey.   Anne shares practical tips on relationships, child-raising, and other challenging and frustrating life events.  I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for happiness and laughter in their life.

Kapil Patel

"Nice work. Full of humor and good real life examples. Well written. Thoughtful insights and tips for changing yourself. I'm recommending it to others I know."

- Terry Guerrant

"This has to be the best book .. and most humorous ... that I have read in many, many years! And it was amazing how many incidents I could relate to my own life! Anne has the special gift of superb story telling and I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am making a list of people I want to give it to as gifts!"

- Shirley Coyle

"I am 61 and have been married for 39 years in November to my CPA! It still amazes me that we think completely differently about so many subjects! You really spoke to me! I ordered and read your book. I have recommended it to many friends and family. I won't let anyone borrow it because I take it with me everywhere to read when I have a little bit of spare time. In the evenings when my husband is hogging the remote, I read some of your stories and we both laugh so hard. We especially like the travel advice since so many of your experiences were the same as ours. I bought the most expensive ugly green Nikes in Germany because I was tired of tripping on cobblestones while wearing my adorable sandals!"

- Lee Perryman