How do you talk?

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, all of a sudden you see a million of the same model driving around when before you’d never noticed them? That’s how it was with “um’s” and “ah’s.” Every time I opened my mouth, a torrent of unnecessary and annoying filler words tumbled out.…

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Joyous 2017!

Joyous 2017! It’s January 1st, the day many people make New Year resolutions. Gyms move in extra equipment to accommodate all the unrealistic declarations of folks who want to lose weight and get fit in the new year. Then they move these same machines out by January 7th when the rush of annual hopefuls has…

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When is your next speech?

The fact is we all speak for a living.  So…when is your next speech? A project update to your work team? An interview? Community awareness for your mission? A fundraising event?  A wedding toast? The ability to communicate your ideas in a way that increases human understanding is the professional currency of the future.  However…

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My New Book… 7 Secrets to Speaking So People Will Listen + A GIVEAWAY

My new book titled 7 Secrets to Speaking So People Will Listen is here!  I debuted my book at the Toastmasters International Convention and it went flying off the shelves! Here is a sneak peek from the book: One day I woke up and decided I wanted to be a professional speaker when I grew…

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The Impossible Dream

I needed a waist to hold up my pants. Some years ago I’d given it up for Lent and now my pants sagged like those of a trendy teenage hooligan. Tightening my belt was uncomfortable; suspenders unfashionable. So I embarked upon a heroic quest to find this long, lost body part… a colossal endeavor requiring…

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