Personal Excellence Expert

Why Anne Barab?

  • You want a leading expert on personal excellence who will teach self-management tools to help people improve their adaptability skills.
  • Your audience needs to learn how positivity in the workplace creates more effective leadership strategies to improve teamwork, productivity, creativity and job satisfaction.
  • You want a fun, invigorating and engaging presentation with a strong call to action to improve individual and team performance.


Happiness vs. Joy

Get to know Anne

“I heard you speak last week and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your work. Your message was elegantly delivered and finely crafted. It is so refreshing to hear from women on the big stage that have multi-dimensional, original content and compelling stories. At the risk of wearing out the most over-used word on the planet these days, I thought you were “authentic", and that is why you are so resonant. I truly enjoyed every minute of your address.”

- Karen Baetzel, Audience Member @ Toastmasters International Convention



Inside Out

The brilliant Pixar movie Inside Out scientifically proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we all hear voices in our heads...

Living Large

My Beloved and I just returned from a week in Paris celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary. I don’t know what is more astounding to me about that sentence: “a week in Paris” or “44th wedding anniversary!”

The More Myth

Imagine you are composing your Wish List for Life. What would be on it? Happy marriage? Great children? Fulfilling work? Dream house? Fabulous travel? Lots of stuff?

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The hardest part of traveling is packing and leaving the house.

We’re preparing for another 3 week trek in Eastern Europe, Prague, Slovenia and Croatia to be exact...

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